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Your Feet are not Cheese

Who sees something like this and is all...YES! They can get these rocks off the bottom of my feet. That used to be ME!! I have really rough heels, my callouses once made a nice lady say something a little rude to me. It is uncomfortable and ugly and they make my feet hurt.

Then, we were at a resort and I went to the spa to get a pedicure. The lady told me they didn't use the cheese grater. It was bad for my feet. WHAT?? She explained that taking so much off of your callouses is actually bad for our feet. Our thick skin is there to protect us from fungus and bacteria. When you use the grater you are opening that area up to fungus, bacteria, and yeast. That made sense. Your skin can also grow back harder and thicker with scar tissue. No-one wants that shiz going on.

When I was in school I learned that the foot grater is actually against regulations. If they are using that on your feet in Utah, they shouldn't be. One more thing to think well do those things actually get sanitized in your local nail salon? I mean deeply sanitized? GROSS. The resort esthetician turned me onto a little tool that I use instead and love. It's the best thing that happened to my rough callouses...I'll introduce you later. That is the tool that I will be using when you come to get a pedicure from me. Just one of the things that'll set me apart and have you only wanting me touching your feet.

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