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All natural products are carefully chosen to give you a bespoke facial tailor made to your skin. Massage focused facials are meant to bring you to a deep state of relaxation. Take some time for yourself to be pampered and cared for. 



A 75- minute facial treatment for those looking for an indulgent experience. It allows you the time to fully unwind and quiet your mind. Every step of the treatment is extended to prolong your relaxation. All natural products are carefully chosen to create a bespoke facial tailor-made for your skin. 


(Total appointment time: 90 Minutes)


This is a 60-minute facial treatment.  One whole hour of uninterrupted pampering as you push pause on your day! I feel that to really enjoy the calming effects of a facial treatment, investing at least 60 minutes is ideal. It allows you to switch off and feel fully pampered. Using all natural products a bespoke facial will be created tailor made for your skin needs. 


(Total appointment time: 75 Minutes)


This is a 45-minute facial treatment. We all need a few minutes to ourselves now and then. This treatment gives your mind and body a little rest while you skin receives the nourishment and care it deserves using all natural products.  



(Total appointment time: 60 Minutes)

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