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Teeth Whitening

1. Is your product safe for nursing or pregnant women?


Answer: Yes, because I use a food grade and dental grade hydrogen peroxide base with organic plants and minerals, you will be just fine if you swallow a small amount. I do require you get it approved by your OBGYN first but make sure they know the gel I use does not have any chemicals or preservatives. 


2. How long will my results last or how often should I get this done?


Answer: I can’t guarantee how long the results will last since everybody has different teeth composition. The average is about 3-6 months; I provide you with a 6- month maintenance kit to help fight off those surface stains. When you feel like your stains are coming back, I encourage you to schedule another session.


3. Will I experience sensitivity?


Answer: I can’t guarantee you won’t experience sensitivity it depends on how hydrated you are. You won’t experience sensitivity from the gel we use because it doesn’t have harsh chemicals or preservatives in it. I recommend you hydrate well before your appointment to help with sensitivity. 



4. How much whiter will my teeth get?


Answer: This process opens the pores on your teeth and whitens stains from three layers down. It will whiten your teeth to your natural stopping point, which is different for everyone. The average I am able to achieve is within the top three shades of white on the tooth guide. 



5. How long is the appointment and do I need to make multiple appointments?


Answer: Your total appointment can be between 90 minutes to 2 hours. I do three 20-minute sessions all in one appointment, you will leave with your brightest smile. This means it only takes this one appointment.



6. Do you take insurance?


Answer: The service is considered cosmetic and is not covered by insurance.


7. How old do you have to be?


Answer: I require you to be 18 years or older to perform the service.



8.What are the ingredients in your whitening gel?


Answer: I use a proprietary recipe but it is plant based with a dental grade hydrogen peroxide. It also includes key ingredients to benefit the teeth such as aloe, calcium, and fluoride.

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