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Spring Special

So excited to freshen your face after a long, hard, Utah winter! It's been cold for a long time which means lots of dry air, both inside and out. My skin has been extremely dry, thankfully I have my usual products plus some balms that have helped. I thought it would be fun to bring in something a little different for a couple of months. It's a little more aggressive and uses exfoliation in a way I don't normally, which will help with shedding dead skin that has built up over the last few months. There are beneficial vitamins in the products I am using as well as beneficial acids to add moisture back in to your skin. It is a facial I learned in school and have seen beautiful results doing it. It truly does make you glow.

The Fresh Face Facial includes a double cleanse, three different products are then layered over each other with facial massage being used to help exfoliate your skin gently. While the treatment is processing I will be doing scalp massage as well as massaging your feet and calves. Stirring it up a little from one of my Pamper Facials which includes hand and arm massage. We will end with some moisturizing serum chosen for your particular skin type.

This is not a holistic facial, but most of the products used do incorporate natural ingredients. I carry a whole line of holistic products that you can purchase for home use that do use the same all natural ingredients and would love to help you with your home skin care routine.

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