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Skin Care Trips for Traveling

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

We live in a high mountain desert which means humidity is basically not a thing here. My skin is dry all the time. So imagine how happy it is when we go somewhere humid! It looks especially dewy and soft when I still do my skin care routine. So when the wanderlust hits, you need to know some travel skin care tips! Here are a few:

1. Stay hydrated. I know that’s a complete duh statement but do it. It’ll help keep your skin on track.

2. Take your skin care products with you. @wildernorthbotanicals has little trial sizes that are perfect for travel and I’d be more than happy to hook you up! Also the skin care routine I follow is three steps, oil cleanse, mist with hydrosol, serum. Keep it simple, you’ll be more likely to do it. If you only take two things make it your regular cleanser and a moisturizer. When you switch up products it can disrupt the skin’s natural barrier which can cause issues. Hotel skin care products are not designated to suit your skin type.

3. Get your rest. It’s hard when you are out having fun, but missing out on sleep wreaks havoc on your whole body. Also take the time needed to catch up when you get home. Jet lag can be rough!

4. Moisturize. Your skin breaks out when it is lacking moisture. Air planes are really drying and if you are headed to the desert or you’re going somewhere dry…it will shock you how much it effects your skin. A facial mist or hydrosol is your best friend. You can spritz it on anytime and it’s a perfect way to stay refreshed and add moisture. I also can’t go anywhere without a really good lip moisturizer.

5. Avoid touching your face. We’ve already realized how often we touch our faces courtesy of the pandemic. I was never more aware of how often I do! We are touching bacteria constantly and when that gets on your face it can cause breakouts. Wash those hands for your skin’s sake!

See, it’s not that hard to take good care of your skin while traveling! Keep it simple and basically take good care of yourself while you’re out enjoying this amazing world!

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