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Going Gratuity Free

Hello friend!

After much thought we made the decision to offer our treatments gratuity free. What does this mean for you?? It means that our prices are well thought out. We know our value, and want you to know how much we value you.

A few years ago the groomer we take our little dog to just stopped giving me the option to tip. Her prices went up a little, but when I went to pick up Harper, my little Boschitz, I signed a receipt and she handed it to me with my next appointment already scheduled. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. I really appreciated having it all done for me. In my mind she knew what she was worth and I felt like she appreciated me as a customer because she wanted to make it easier for me.

As a small business owner we depend on our clients knowing how much we value you. You having the best experience possible when you come to the Spa Shed is the most important thing to our business. If you leave feeling pampered, relaxed, and already excited to come back, that is our goal. Checking out should be seamless and not having to figure out gratuity is part of that. You also know that I know my value, and hopefully you feel like you got the value you deserve from your service. That's a win/win in my book.

I also hope that not having to worry about paying gratuity will allow you to add a service, or get that Eco Fin treatment to go along with your pedicure. Maybe it will give you a little extra to stop on the way home and treat yourself to your favorite drink...there's a little place around the block that makes a mean dirty iced chai!

Just know that you, my dear client, are so important to Wild Heart Aesthetics. I will always strive to give you the best possible experience and hope to build relationships with my clients that last for years based on trust and respect. Each decision I make is carefully thought out in the hope of doing just that!



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